Show compassion

I was dismayed to read that the Mount Alexander Council has decided in keeping with intended legislation to bar funeral proceedings with coffins or caskets in our local parks that the ratepayers have paid for and maintained ('Backlash over funeral ban', January 16).

Recent culture has changed the way we celebrate the life of a deceased person. After all, this choice is perhaps of a deceased ratepayer's or of a ratepayer's relative to have their life celebrated in a park that they once must have loved.

It should also be noted that in past services in parks there were visible signs indicating that there was a funeral service taking place giving the aggrieved person/s an opportunity to relocate in an area to that local park where they would not be emotionally disturbed or intimidated.

As ratepayers, we all know that we are all faced with our human frailty of life and death.

I implore the council to be considerate of the feelings and show compassion in the true tradition of our original pioneer families' wishes. It's time that the council starts to appreciate the heritage that this shire has endured for the last 150 plus years.