Let Cook's log say it

I won't argue with you, Pat Healy: ('dispossession … began when hundreds of armed men planted the Union Jack flag …', ('Nothing fake', Opinions, February 6). I will let Cook's Log do that:

A total of no more than 13 marines sailed on the Endeavour and arrived with Cook in Botany Bay. Their purpose was to guard the ship. Others aboard included a crew of 73 sailors, three naval officers, an astronomer, a botanist, two naturalists, two artists, a scientific secretary and two servants.

According to Cook's Log, the marines were: Sergeant John Edgecumbe, Corporal John Truslove, Drummer Thomas Rossiter, and Privates William Judge, Henry Paul, Michael Bremer, Daniel Preston, William Wilshire, William Greenslade, Samuel Gibson, Thomas Dunster, Clement Webb and John Bowles.