New industries

Not having our recycling sent to China means we just have to have that industry here ('Recycling uncertainty', Express, February 6).

Visy can make cardboard boxes here. They might be more expensive the time you send things away in ships there's the 'expense' of using fossil fuels to get the stuff overseas. That is never accounted for.

I've been thinking of how I can cut down further on what I put into my recycling bin. It's meant to be the last 'resort' in that we reduce, reuse, recycle. I'll make more yogurt myself so that's less plastic containers, make my own sprouts, buy in bulk as much as possible.

I wonder about bottles and all the glass that is already stockpiled. What about wine bottles? We just don't think what is involved in the making of glass. All that sand. Where does that come from? We just think "oh it's okay, we can just make some more". I'm sure the brewery used to collect all their beer bottles, in crates on trucks, which were returned to them to refill. Couldn't we do this with all glass bottles and have a deposit on others? This would mean they don't even go to the recycling plant. Have to make the glass bottle cleaning business again.

This could mean new industries here, meaning employment and a plus for the environment.