Prizes for all

An amazing and spectacularly successful chapter was recently added to the 157-year-long history of the annual Kyneton Show.

My participation in this grand event gave me a glimpse into our community. I was lucky to be part of the volunteer team assisting the show committee.

The show brings us together - one of the largest of our important community's activities and gatherings. It seems to me that all who participated or live in Kyneton and its closely adjoining communities gained a show prize - a strengthening of bonds of friendship, community and family.

The show included hundreds of exhibitors and participants of all ages. Their vital and diverse contributions demonstrated enormous talents and inspired work in many facets of our rich rural life.

The show attracted hundreds of enthusiastic and generous patrons, treated to all manner of professional exhibits and entertainment, especially catering for and creatively engaging the enthusiastic participation of children and young people. Importantly, many free and fun.

Generous local businesses, tradespeople, professionals and Macedon Ranges Shire Council contributed valuable financial and in-kind support. Their enormous collective support is essential to a vibrant and evolving annual show.

Many volunteers generously contributed their time, wisdom, intelligence, humour and teamwork essential for producing a high-quality show.

Of course, the show would not exist without the largely unseen huge planning and the intellectual and spirited commitment of the show committee. Their leadership, care and immense time commitment is inspiring. Thank you all for your endeavours to make Kyneton Show a treasure of prizes for all.