Some restraint

Well done to Angela Crawford and Amy Hume for winning Best News Story at the annual Victorian Country Press Association Awards last week.

Reporting on the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre breakout, they recorded the experience of grandparents and grandchild whose car was stopped by the escaping youths. One was waving an egg beater.

The couple said they were frightened but one of the youths called to the others "back off there's a child in the car". It showed that rather than branding them all as violent, out-of-control offenders, here were young men who showed some restraint and responsibility.

It is worth noting that many of the youths in juvenile justice centres are waiting for their charges to come before the court; so they should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Also, they have to endure detention for long periods of time because of a backlog at the courts. It must be very frustrating.