Roller fire suspicious

A fire that destroyed an industrial excavation roller machine in Campbells Creek over the weekend is believed to have been deliberately lit.

The heavy earth rolling machine had been parked at a private subdivision development site at the southern end of Webbs Road when it caught fire at about 9pm on Friday night.

Neighbours in the area reported the machine on fire after noticing exploding sounds and smelling smoke from the burning machine, Detective Leading Constable Steve Atkinson of the Goldfields CIU said.

Four CFA units were involved in extinguishing the fire which police suspect to have been deliberately lit in the cabin of the Coates Hire machine that they have since described as a "write off".

"We believe that the machine has been deliberately targeted," DLC Atkinson said.

"Neighbours reported smelling a burnt plastic smell followed by some loud bangs that they describe as explosions.

"It's still under investigation. Members from the arson squad and forensic chemist have attended and processed the scene and investigations are continuing regarding the cause of the fire.

"It's a large open dirt cleared site so there was no threat to any neighbouring properties or any other structures. It was isolated to itself.

"We believe that the unit itself is (valued at) $174,000. It's a write off. It's been totally destroyed.

"We've canvassed several neighbours who are close by that development site," DLC Atkinson said.

He encouraged anyone who noticed any suspicious behaviour in the area to contact Goldfields CIU or Crime Stoppers.