Celebrate pedal power

Steph, 9, Bailey, 8, and Jaiden, 10, enjoy riding to school.

Steph, 9, Bailey, 8, and Jaiden, 10, enjoy riding to school.

The Woodhead siblings are already on their bikes ready for ride to Play/Work/School Day at Winters Flat Primary School tomorrow (Wed Oct 18).

Everyone is invited to come and celebrate as the day highlights the benefits of two-wheel, pedal-powered transport.

Coordinated by Penny Gilbert from the Hub Foundation and CycleSafe Mount Alexander, the event kicks off from 7am finishing at 9am.

"CycleSafe is about moving everyday people, everyday, as safely, enjoyably, and sustainably as possible, inclusive of walkers, wheelchairs, dog walkers and other shared path users," Penny said.

While they are not anti-car, the group is about offering choice for transport options.

Penny said the group aimed to represent the eyes and ears of cyclists, collecting valuable information about safety and cycling issues and to provide a central point to disseminate information back to them.

"We wish to expand the current network to improve routes through town and the connection to the off-road network, making cycling safer and more enjoyable for commuting and recreational cyclists," she said.

"In this way we wish to provide for a healthier community and a healthier environment. By improving the network, we also hope to improve the tourist amenity and therefore enhance the prosperity of businesses in the region," she said.

Steph, 9, Bailey, 8, and Jaiden, 10, cycle from Campbells Creek and love their morning commute.

"It gets you up and going," Jaiden said.