Civil rights

I will be voting 'no' in the marriage equality survey, purely in support of the civil rights of others.

Politicians have a continuous record of removing longstanding (post WWII) inalienable civil and human rights.

Most politicians have shown they cannot be trusted. Rights of speech, thought and religion for 'individual' or institution will be further weakened under the banner of marriage equality. No draft legislation has been presented for debate.

The following list are some of the rights that have steadily been abolished or weakened by Australian Parliaments and democratic institutions: Right to Speech and Thought (18c); Right to Silence (police powers, building and construction commission); Right to Association; Right to Assembly; Right to Protest (move on laws); Right to Self Defense; Property Rights if Homeless (police powers to confiscate bedding, tents, utensils, etc); Rights of Conscientious Objection to Medical Vaccination; Right to Access Raw Milk (as legal in the UK, EU, 28 US states and NZ).

These are all natural human attributes to discuss, think about, acquaint with, reject, protect and choose one's own medicine and food.

Australia is one of the few countries without a 'Bill of Rights'. We surely need one.

I am voting 'no' in desperation, to halt this oppression and abuse of power.

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