Tolerant people

In response to Brian Harty of Kyneton ('What decent people do', Opinions, October 3).

I don't call myself a Christian, but I know a few of them. I reckon they are the most tolerant people I know. You, Brian, could learn a thing or two about tolerance from them.

I always find it interesting that people, with little or no respect for opinions contrary to their own, could lecture others on tolerance.

Because of the great Australian state of mind - apathy - the vast majority couldn't care less about same-sex marriage. However, homosexual relationships go against what many Christians believe in and so we find that they voice their opposition, which is their right.

What I find most annoying in this debate is the media outlets openly promoting the Yes campaign, shouldn't they remain neutral and have balanced reporting on both sides? People should be able to use this forum to make an informed decision then vote accordingly.

The Mount Alexander Shire Council had the temerity to vote to not fly the rainbow flag, then had to endure cries of "shame", "bigots", for daring to remain neutral.

It seems to me that there is a classic 'spoiled brat' mentality in certain elements of the Yes campaign which gets up people's noses, it certainly does mine.

Well, I don't agree with same-sex marriage and I definitely do not want the Marriage Act changed to accommodate such a petulant, vocal minority.

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