What decent people do

In response to Jeannette Willmer's letter ('I cannot vote yes', Opinions, September 19).

Jeannette, loving a god does nothing for the benefit of the human race. There are people who love their god more than you ever will and are more obedient than you will ever be. They fly planes into buildings.

The Bible, while commanding that thou shall not kill, says you should: stone non-believers to death, kill disobedient children, kill homosexuals, kill rape victims. It tells you that it is okay to keep slaves and how much you can beat them.

These are not things that any loving caring person would even consider. Thankfully, Christians ignore the most obnoxious directions in the Bible and choose only to embrace the teachings that make them feel good or match their own prejudices. Christians interpret the Bible as they see fit.

I urge all Christians to get off their knees and think about whether denying some members of the community what the majority take as their god-given right is what decent people do. You do have a choice, don't weasel out and blame someone else for your intolerance.

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