I cannot vote yes

I am one of many I am sure who supported Heather Juniper in her thoughtful and insightful letter of August 29. It seems that all must be in favour of the yes vote and any who are not are guilty of hate speech or are at best disagreeable. Just because one disagrees with a person it does not mean they have no care or concern for that person.

For myself as a Christian I cannot vote yes to something that God in His word has so clearly forbidden, my love for God and my desire to be obedient to Him being far more important to me than the approval of the society in which I live. I know the mention of God will be scorned by many ... so be it.

God gave His commandments for the benefit of the human race and a lifestyle such as the yes vote promotes God clearly described as an abomination to Him ... when God condemns something He always has good reason for doing so. Think about it.

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