Call me, Bradley

I received a letter from one of our shire staff, Bradley Thomas, executive manager of business performance, regarding a query about my rates.

I telephoned the shire office and Jason answered. After some argy bargy - who are you, what do you want to talk to him for, he's busy, he writes lots of letters, too important to speak to you - the normal interrogation from the reception staff, young Jason demanded that I read the letter, addressed to me, back to him to see if a) he could deal with the matter or b) the matter was important enough for Mr Thomas to deal with!

After I explained to Jason, in no uncertain terms, that the request from a lower level functionary answering phones to read out correspondence addressed to me, to him, was unacceptable behaviour, Jason hung up. The CEO is apparently away and no-one is acting in his position.

Firstly: I wouldn't mind so much, but after reading the Fund or now called Cash Flow Statement, page 90 in the Shire's 30 September 2016 Annual Report, staffing costs are about 60 per cent of cash income. I wouldn't donate to a charity at those rates. It means that the 40 per cent of the money left over has to build roads, repair bridges like the one at Vaughan Springs, give out grants, look after our parks, collect the rubbish, recycle, pay for a new mayor's car every time they elect a new one, etc.

Secondly: If you read this Bradley, can you call me?

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