Rare opportunity

Recently the state government and our local council generously provided funds totalling 90k towards a council-run consultation process for community input into the fate of the old Kyneton Primary School site.

My concern is that throwing large sums of money at problems does not necessarily guarantee a good result.

I have seen some flawed consultation processes over the years since amalgamation. Without being too cynical, in these instances the public perception is that the final decision has ridden roughshod over community aspirations. We cannot afford to let this happen to the school site.

I am a enthusiastic member and supporter of the Kyneton Town Square Reference Group. This umbrella organisation represents a wide and diverse range of community groups and individuals. Their strong common purpose is to secure the old school buildings and land in public ownership primarily for public use. The school site is the hot topic at the moment, but the group's vision is more ambitious, taking account of the public land and buildings which stretch right across from Mollison Street to Ebden Street.

How can we create a vibrant town square which could transform the community's connection to the centre of our village?

To find some answers to this question, Kyneton Town Hub and Kyneton Transition Hub are running Dare to Dream brainstorming sessions throughout September.

We expect that any engagement by residents in community run discussions will help to inform and strengthen any official consultation process.

It is extremely rare that an opportunity as powerful as this to create a better future for our town arises, so I urge everyone to jump on board and support this campaign.

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