False arguments

I will vote no because, in addition to that written previously, I should not support false arguments.

EQUAL LOVE - in what sense equal? You cannot make unequal things equal by changing definitions. A relationship between two men or two women will never be the equivalent of a relationship between a man and a woman. Think physiology for starters; they cannot procreate!

BORN THAT WAY. It has been asserted that people who are same-sex attracted are born that way. Your genes do not fully explain same-sex sexual attraction. There is a genetic component to most human behaviour, but it is only one factor among many. Furthermore, desire does not have to find expression, and our humanity is not defined by our sexual activity. At worst, 'born that way' is a trap, a form of biological determinism that robs people of volition and the possibility of finding satisfying relationships outside of same-sex sexual activity. It may be, in itself, a cause for despair.

Also, the evidence is that many teens who experience same-sex attraction will not go on to practice same-sex sexual activity. It is therefore debatable whether moving rapidly to endorse or normalise same sex attraction in a teen will be helpful to them in the long run.

A HUMAN RIGHT TO MARRY WHOEVER YOU LOVE. There is no internationally recognised human right to same-sex marriage. There have always been boundaries around marriage, such as the prohibition on close relatives marrying.

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