Courage admired

I write to address Heather Juniper alone, not her accusers. I admire your courage, which is far greater than mine, since my experience mirrors yours, after years of questioning the supposed consensus views on two other issues. I recall a poem read by a Russian about his childhood experience, when he watched a group of men beating a man up. I remember only the last lines of the poem: "And now, if there are a hundred men beating someone up, I will never make a hundred and one." I recall also the experience of Nelson Mandela, who spoke out, and spent 27 years in jail; and that of Anna Frank, who stayed in hiding and wrote down what she knew. I have chosen Anna Frank's way, because I found that speaking out only strengthened the beliefs that I questioned, and produced only anger, abuse, pity and long sermons.

But you are a woman, and therefore have enough love and strength in you to continue. I wish you luck. You're going to need it.

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