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I must add my name to the growing number of Castlemaine people airing their concern and opposition to the RSPCA upping stakes and moving in what I see as just another step in Castlemaine becoming a poor outer suburb of Bendigo.

My wife was a former volunteer at the Op Shop and it was she who first told me that all revenue from purchases there went direct to Melbourne - with a percentage being returned to Castlemaine. However, I cannot verify this or, if true, just what percentage was returned to the local shelter.

My concern is that I cannot imagine local residents driving the 40+km to deposit an animal in Bendigo and, I wonder, just how many would take on the round trip to recover a lost animal?

No, my scenario is that we will experience even more animals being taken for a one-way trip into the bush and being left to their own devices. Already many of our wildlife are reaching a critical stage in their survival and more cats being dumped will only hasten their demise . . . not to mention the lingering death of many animals incapable of foraging for food.

In the past 11 years I have twice had cause to adopt a cat from our local facility. The first cat gave us 10 years of joy and companionship and our latest cat, Nellie, is also winning our hearts.

If Katherine Seppings reads this, I would gladly have added my name to her petition. Sorry I missed out.

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