Ill-conceived and dangerous

I applaud the councillors' rejection of the high-density, metropolitan-style development at 22 Calthorpe Street which is definitely not in keeping with the neighbourhood character and liveability close to the centre of Gisborne ('We are not Melbourne', Express, August 1).

It is the traffic impact of this high-density living on four residential blocks that is my greatest concern.

How unreasonable to have only one house on this overcrowded site using Calthorpe Street while all cars from the other 10 units and 18 apartments, i.e. 28 of the 29 dwellings, have to use the single, angled entry/exit onto Fisher Street? With a possible 400 vehicle movements daily, so close to the Calthorpe/Fisher intersection, severe traffic disruption and danger are inevitable.

This single driveway for 39 vehicles is directly opposite two of the three Fisher Street driveways impacted by this ill-conceived project. One of these services a Family Day Care, so the greatly increased number of vehicles in this small section of Fisher Street will make it a very high-risk area.

One can scarcely imagine what a terrible disaster would result if there was a fire in the complex with fire trucks coming in and residents trying to exit one drive. The single entry is the ONLY way in and out for emergency vehicles, rubbish removal, tradies, delivery vehicles and visitors, and only four visitor parking spaces on the site. Street parking will be the sole option for many occupants and callers. Is this the vision we have for our streets?

When cars parked both sides of Fisher Street there is scarcely room for anyone to get through as is demonstrated clearly on Sunday market days. Our street will assuredly look just like another Melbourne suburb, a distinct possibility if VCAT upholds this developer's appeal.

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