Clear, simple, and wrong

I note that the local perennial gadfly is shooting from the lip yet again.

Or so it seems from Mr Paas' letter last week under the heading "deafening silence" in which he berates the council and suggests, nay, demands a course of action of his devising. Apparently this is not uncommon.

My fellow councillors caution me about engaging with hecklers from the cheap seats, but where's the fun in that?

So a brief declaration, I'm one of the rural councillors for Mount Alexander Shire and as such, anything I write over my name alone can only be an opinion and not a council position. Only the mayor and the CEO can put a position officially.

So on to the crux of the RSPCA dilemma and Mr Paas' exhortation for immediate council action and new processes, preferably along the lines he imperiously orders.

Is Mr Paas in possession of all the facts and background about costings, finances, options, volunteer wishes and situations, the size of the problem, what others are doing locally, who owns what, who is talking with whom, and how the whole thing operates?

I think not.

Does he know what steps are being taken, mostly silently as at this early stage not everybody knows all the 'ins and outs' and everything is fluid and negotiable. By the time this is printed, some of the behind the scenes stuff might be public.

To whinge that the Castlemaine Ward councillors did not reply to his emails is a cheap shot, as replying to hostile emails is a sure way to have your words cut, pasted and published way out of context.

Every time some self-professed problem solver starts shouting simple solutions from the rooftops I go back to H L Mencken's quote: "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong".

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