Having new friends is not baa-d

Liam and Saturday shared an instant connection.

Liam and Saturday shared an instant connection.

A bond has formed between a sheep and a Riddells Creek boy who both have a different way of getting around.

Six-year-old Liam Koch loves AFL and has the same desires as any other boy his age, to play and kick the footy with mates. While Liam does move around just fine he's not allowed to hop, skip or even kick a football.

Liam has Perthes Disease, which affects the hip joint and means he's often reliant on a wheelchair.

He recently had to spend time in hospital, with his legs suspended in the air for 23 hours out of each day.

Coming from a small country area, Liam's mother Camille explained that he doesn't meet many other children in wheelchairs.

When Liam first saw Saturday the sheep during a recent visit to Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, Camille said he felt an instant connection. He told her they both have "bad legs".

"It's been a bit hard at times, but that's why this visit was important to us. To uplift him," Camille said.

Saturday was born with congenital spasticity, meaning her hind limbs don't work in sync with the messages sent from her brain.

"It was awesome seeing Liam and Saturday together. Seeing the smiles - I mean sheep can smile, just like Liam smiled. It was so lovely," said Pam Ahern, Edgar's Mission director and founder.

Saturday was treated to Liam's gentle cuddles and generous offerings of Weet-Bix and Liam gave her plenty of compliments too.

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