A good citizen

Congratulations and thanks to Brendan Blake, owner of Maxi IGA in Castlemaine for installing solar panels on the roof of his store ('Solar project to lower emissions', Midland Express, July 4). This demonstrated again what a good citizen he is.

I frequently hear people being critical of him; complaining of perceived high prices and the lack of real competition that he enjoys. They also complain because he fights hard to keep the big store competition at bay.

Of course lots of people would like to see another big supermarket in town; that's fair enough. However, Mr Blake should not be criticised for doing all he can to protect his business from the big three - Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. What store owner wouldn't? Wouldn't you?

Brendan Blake contributes very much to this town and district. Look around you. There is hardly a cat or dog show that he does not support - and how about the New Years Eve fireworks?

In 35 years in community radio, seeking financial support from business, I managed to get a $10 voucher from a big store manager in Bendigo.

That made the grand total of $10 for 35 years. I'll say no more except that the banks were even more miserable. They contributed nil over the same period.

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