Another perspective

I write in response to the letter from Marjorie Moore ('Down the gurgler', Opinions, July 4).

Australia has been home to 'migrants/refugees' ever since its colonisation in the early 18th century: prior to this, its population consisted only of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders populations.

Those new colonists, consisting of convicts, people fleeing famine, war and those genuinely seeking new opportunities made their mark in this country, sometimes via violence (as in the decimation of indigenous peoples) and others by sheer hard work, carving out new enterprises and new opportunities.

We aren't being overrun by refugees/nor by migrants and if you want to sheet blame home to 'someone', look no further than our successive federal/state governments.

Planning issues concerning land developments that are inappropriate, lack of water safeguards from coal seam gas fracking and/or fertiliser run off along the length of the major rivers in this country, together with open water channels (rather than pipes) lack of renewable energy investment, lack of public infrastructure projects like rail links between and to regional areas, all contribute to an Australia that lacks all the connections required to support not only major cities but our regional hubs.

It isn't our refugees or our migrants who are responsible for this mess - it's simply that our politicians (both federal/state and local) have consistently put their own vested interests ahead of their various constituencies. They are who you could and should write to.

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