Missed by a mile

It saddens me that someone in this day and age seeks to spread blatant misinformation ('Down the gurgler?', Opinions, July 4) when there is so much quality information available.

The suggestion that the trickle of refugees coming to this country is causing a degradation of our "food, water, electricity, schools, hospitals etc." may strike a chord with those who are looking for someone to blame for our predicament, but it misses the target by a mile.

The responsibility for the difficulties your correspondent identified lies squarely with the politicians who through privatisation of government services and cuts to health and education have brought about a situation in which our country now lags well behind most of our competitors in the developed world.

The solution will not be found in cutting the number of new arrivals to this country. Indeed we have been seeing many people new to this country become leaders in their fields and making outstanding contributions especially in the area of technology, health and education.

We need to take back what only 20 years ago was ours and stop politicians selling us out to vested interests like those in fossil fuel and mining and ensure that Australians come first when it comes to business development in our nation. We have glimpsed the horror of the alternative in the election of multibillionaire friend of big business Donald Trump in the U.S. We can and must do better for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

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