Commodities to be traded

Why cannot the shire partner with the RSPCA to save this imperative local service and the nine local jobs and volunteers? These attitudes and outcomes are further proof of Western society in accelerated decay.

The council's reported solution is to tender "animal management services". This privatising of a social service is more of the failed neo-liberal economics that's giving rise to the ilk of Donald Trump and Tony Abbott. Lunatics and megalomaniacs with real notions of political fascism.

We have privatised the prison system and refugee detention, squeezing profits out of human misery. Just the same with "animal management", which is an Orwellian euphemism to boot. Vis-à-vis 'human resources' were once 'personnel'.

People and animals, all commodities to be traded. To quote Phillip Adams, in The Weekend Australian Magazine June 3, 2017, "can we find a cure before it kills us?"

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