Bad management

I read the article 'RSPCA to close' (Express, June 13) with a tinge of sadness and not a little anger.

I am not aware of any consultation by the RSPCA with the local community who have supported them with donations, op shop income and much volunteer labour.

Victoria CEO Liz Walker's blatant spin that "this arrangement will enable us to provide a better service of care to animals in a newer facility" cannot go unchallenged.

By moving the operation to Bendigo, the first change will be a devastating drop of the return rate of pets to their owners because of the tyranny of distance.

In a former life as a local councillor, I initiated the re-establishment of a council pound which achieved an immediate reduction in the number of pets that had to be euthanised because of the easy access to the facility by those whose pets had strayed.

It is difficult to reconcile the mission of the RSPCA with this cost-cutting exercise and I for one do not accept its inevitability. With a tender in for a new contract with our council it is at the least premature. This smacks of bad management in an organisation that should know better.

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