Demonising refugees

In response to Bill Bayliss of Chewton, his opinion is unfortunately too common. Our government consistently demonises refugees so I would like him to consider the following:-

1. Under the terms of the 1951 UN convention on refugees signed by Australia, the status of every asylum seeker is investigated. Refusal of asylum includes criminal behaviour, seeking only economic benefit and being a threat to Australia's security. So there is no open door policy and Australia deports people who are not genuine refugees.

2. Asylum must be granted if the refugee has a justifiable fear of death, harassment, discrimination or threat of violence if deported back to their country. Speaking to anyone granted asylum, you would fully understand and appreciate their genuine fear.

3. The number of people who arrived by sea to Australia since 1976? Answer: 69,749. Number found to be a terrorist? Zero.

4. Australia has just settled two cases of compensation to refugees due to Australia's illegal, cruel, psychological traumatising and sometimes violent and deadly detention (cost >$70million). AUSTRALIA has assessed these same people as genuine refugees legally entitled to asylum!

How much more suffering must these souls endure from Australia's cruel detention policy? Bring them here.

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