Bit silly now

Bill Bayliss, Chewton ('Shut the door', Opinions, June 14) writes that "The refugee intake must be now zero - shut the door - ..." to protect "all law abiding Australians in danger with their open door policy on refugees".

I should like to point out that the proportion of crimes of violence, including that resulting in death, in Australia, committed by refugees and asylum seekers admitted to Australia, is minuscule in comparison to that committed by the rest of the Australian community.

Furthermore, the overwhelmingly biggest threat to the Australian community is through domestic violence committed overwhelmingly by men, where there is an average of two women killed every three weeks. Add to this the children who are injured, sometimes resulting in death, at the hands of men through domestic violence.

What do you want to do about this, Mr Bayliss?

Should we follow your method of keeping us safe and "shut the door" to all male entry into this country?

Sounds a bit silly now, doesn't it?

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