Misplaced concern

Given the statistics that compare deaths from motor vehicle accidents (111 this year alone) to those of Australian fatalities from terrorist related incidents either here or overseas, in like, forever, I feel Mr Bayliss' heartfelt and evidently sincere concern for all of our safety is somewhat misplaced ('Shut the door', Opinions, June 13).

I fear the Mr Baylisses of this world, needlessly disadvantaging the nation's immigrants, would place all road-rule obeying Australians in danger with their heedless open door policy on car importation.

The vehicle import intake must now be zero - shut the proverbial 'car' door'! Any domestically produced car manufacturers should also be met with immediate shut down of their industry, with no appeals tribunal.

The open road policy in Europe doesn't work either (their road toll far exceeds our own). So we must come down hard on vehicles of all makes and models and have stricter screening of those who drive them.

We certainly live in a different world don't we Mr Bayliss?

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