Growth agenda

Urgent alert to Kyneton and surrounding area residents: Macedon Ranges Council currently has a Draft Framework Plan - Kyneton South Investigation Area, May 2017 on exhibition.

The Plan's Study Area is 'investigating' 310ha of land zoned Farming and Low Density Residential south of the railway for new residential development, supposedly to accommodate growth out to 2036. That represents an almost 45 per cent expansion of Kyneton township, additional to the 341-lot development plan north of the river approved in 2015, and the 265ha of 2ha development in Amendment C110. That's a lot of growth!

Ah, but we are all being duped. This current 'investigation' is part of the previous council's accelerated growth agenda, reaching out from the grave, as it were, with familiar blurred edges and misrepresentation of facts. Someone may well want these new growth areas, but they certainly are not needed to accommodate planned growth to 2036.

Council's official population growth document, the Macedon Ranges Settlement Strategy 2011, says Kyneton could sustainably grow by 2900 persons between 2006 and 2036 (or 97 persons a year), and this growth could be accommodated within the town without rezoning any additional land.

The 2011 census shows Kyneton township grew by under 40 persons per year between 2006 and 2011. Council shuns those figures and instead uses 'State Suburb' population data (i.e. population from a huge area around Kyneton including part of Mount Alexander Shire) as Kyneton's population, misrepresenting and inflating the town's population.

Make a submission by June 23 and tell the new council this 'plan' has missed a step - it hasn't asked residents whether Kyneton should grow this much, it's only asking how that exaggerated growth should happen.

Ask the new council to drop this plan and instead stick with its already adopted Settlement Strategy.

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