Rewarding contribution

Kyneton's Frank Bell is to receive an Order of Australia Medal.

Kyneton's Frank Bell is to receive an Order of Australia Medal.

For more than 28 years he has selflessly assisted veterans and their families, and now Frank Bell will receive one of the highest honours: an Order of Australia Medal.

The Kyneton veteran's goodwill has been far spread from local efforts on the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross Trust to his duties at Anzac House, but it is the knowledge that he has assisted others that has seen his incredible dedication.

"It was all rewarding stuff and working as a volunteer at Anzac House in a good, warm, vibrant community - it makes it worthwhile," he said.

"It's always good to know that you're making a difference to someone's life."

Mr Bell is a trustee at Anzac House and has held various significant roles including chair of the Victorian Rules Committee for 15 years, vice-chair of State Council for three years, member of the Ethics Tribunal and National Tribunal, and a member of numerous committees.

There are many war widows and families who have benefited from Mr Bell's work with housing and financial services through the Widows and Widowed Mother's Trust and the RSL Homes Trust, or RSL Care.

In his work with RSL Care, Mr Bell helped to build up the program through modernisation and adding several of levels of care.

He remains actively involved in assisting veterans with financial aid.

"That's always rewarding - seeing and knowing what's happening to the contributions the public make on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day and knowing and seeing how that's distributed," he said.

Mr Bell said he felt honoured to have assisted veterans and their families, and that the work had been rewarding.