Traumatising and inhumane

Hamlet said "I must be cruel only to be kind" (Act 3, Scene 4).

Our PM and Minister Dutton have essentially claimed this stand in dealing with asylum seekers.

To this end, the recent order for 7500 asylum seekers to complete their refugee applications by October 1 is indeed cruel.

An application 49 pages long containing 116 questions.

An application to be completed in English but no government help is offered to the asylum seekers.

An application so complex that lawyers are required to correctly complete the forms.

An application that requires every experience of torture, rape, war and trauma the applicant has experienced to be attached to the form completed in English.

When each asylum seeker believes their actual life is dependent on completing the form without a mistake, the government's demand is extremely cruel, psychologically traumatising and inhumane.

However, the government should not forget the second half of Hamlet's statement, "Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind".

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