Artists team up - New arts collective has big plans for town

Kyneton Collective's 'Sports' curator Ross Taylor (left) with artists Danae Valenza and Adam Mills.

Kyneton Collective's 'Sports' curator Ross Taylor (left) with artists Danae Valenza and Adam Mills.

Kyneton Stockroom is sporting a new look since the opening of Kyneton Contemporary Inc's first exhibition on Saturday.

Sports brings together a team of artists interested in monumentalising life's triumphs, exposing the pitfalls and highlighting a relentless drive for success.

Curator and KMI member Ross Taylor said the exhibition manifested from an interest in sociology and invited notions of competition, status, primal and cultural order and disorder.

"Sports is so loaded with various sociological platforms - the use of props, the everyday self versus staged self, ritual, costume and so on - that it became a perfect motif to propose to the exhibiting artists invited to participate," he said.

The idea has drawn eight contemporary artists: Tony Mahoney, Adam Mills, Carly Fischer, Nicole Breedon, Travis MacDonald, Danae Valenza, Emily Ferretti, and Elvis Richardson.

Their work explores various themes in sports which are taken on through photography, sound, sculpture, painting, drawing and collage.

Sports is what is hoped to be the first of many exhibitions for KCI.

The new-found collective comprises several Kyneton creatives with a passion for contemporary art and desire to add to the town's offerings.

"Over the next 18 months we will have a series of art projects in and around Kyneton," Mr Taylor said.

"We will be using different spaces in Kyneton and facilitating contemporary art. It's about us bringing a range of artists to regional Victoria and promoting Kyneton as an ideal space to feature their work."

Sports continues at Kyneton's Stockroom until Sunday, June 4, and has already attracted considerable interest with people excited to see what more is in store.

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