Hollywood bootcamp - Aspiring actress mingles with stars

Nikita Scott (right) with fellow bootcamp member Jacqueline Travaglia at the Oscars 'Night of 100 Stars'.

Nikita Scott (right) with fellow bootcamp member Jacqueline Travaglia at the Oscars 'Night of 100 Stars'.

It's a long way from the country charm of Kyneton to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, USA.

For aspiring actress Nikita Scott, who was born and raised in Kyneton, it was a journey that changed her life.

The 20-year-old recently embarked on the whirlwind three-week trip to Los Angeles after scoring one of eight places in a Hollywood Acting Bootcamp.

"It sure was a bootcamp!" said Nikita. "It was very intense."

The bootcamp included everything from health and fitness tips from coordinator actress Robyn Duse, to an acting session at James Franco's Studio 4; improvisation classes at The Groundlings; an audition workshop with Margie Haber; and, accent and dialect classes with Bob Korff.

"We also did a workshop in the Meisner acting technique with Anthony Meindl, which was amazing. I want to go back and train with him at the end of the year."

Nikita explained the Meisner technique is one in which actors draw on each other's energy to enrich their own performances.

"Anthony's workshop helped us to find a part of the character in ourselves. There was a lot of personal development and I was able to find the growth in my acting and in myself."

To fund the trip, Nikita had to raise $10,000, which she did by working at a local supermarket and by setting up a Go Fund Me page online.

"The Kyneton community contributed $1500, which got me over the line and enabled me to go - I can't thank them enough."

While she was in Tinseltown, Nikita got to go to the Academy Awards.

"I attended the 'Night of 100 Stars' at the Beverley Hilton. It was one of the viewing parties surrounding the awards and it was surreal - very glitzy and very glamorous."

Nikita wore an elegant sequin navy blue dress, which she bought half price from the back of a car in LA.

"I had a lot of designers coming up to me on the night saying it was the best dress at the event."

Nikita has just signed with a well-known agent in Melbourne.

"My main goal is to just move and affect people through creating and my storytelling. And yes, one day I hope to hold an Oscar in my hand."

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