Consistency needed

I write in regards to the article in the Midland Express, March 7, 'Stop when the flags are out'. I believe it is time for the Mount Alexander Shire to take action and implement some consistency with the supervision of all school crossings.

In my experience I've found most crossings are not supervised between the hours of 8am-9.30am or 2.30pm-4pm and consistently are not flagged.

All school crossing supervisors should be present during these times. I have also noticed some crossings are not supervised until after 8.30am and supervisors gone just after 9am. This has been the case for the afternoon supervision of crossings also.

As drivers we have to obey the rules during these times, so why shouldn't school crossing supervisors or the shire by employing more people or making sure that the times allocated are being responsibility adhered to?

Unless this issue is properly resolved our children's safety is being put at extreme risk, due to crossings not being managed adequately.

I believe a more regulatory approach needs to be undertaken by existing supervisors and employment of more people is needed to ensure no crossings are 'unsupervised' between the stated morning and afternoon school hours.

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