Art sparks debate

Controversial art installation Fridgehenge.

Controversial art installation Fridgehenge.

Castlemaine Fringe Festival art installation 'Fridgehenge' located near the Castlemaine Skate Park at the Western Reserve has been causing quite a stir in the community and on social media.

The controversial installation has garnered both positive and negative comments on local social media site Castlemania since it was assembled last week and fell victim to vandalism on Sunday evening, with the fridges knocked to the ground.

The installation was last exhibited in Castlemaine as part of the 2015 Fringe Festival at the Old Hospital site in Halford Street. On that occasion children from local primary schools had each decorated a fridge and the public were invited to add their own messages and art.

The latest incarnation features 40 fridges and every one has a story about what we put in the fridge and ultimately, our mouths.

Curator Ben Laycock said the works include the evil triumvirate, the Fat Fridge, the Salt fridge and the Sugar fridge.

"We have an Anorexic fridge, a Bulimic fridge, a Vegan fridge and a Cannibal fridge. We have a Bogan fridge, a Pensioner fridge and an Asian fridge. We have a Good Food fridge, a Bad Food fridge and a Super Food fridge. We have a Milk fridge, a Coffee fridge, a Meat fridge and a Fish fridge."

The artist was disappointed the work had been damaged.

"Art aims to spark thought and debate. Unfortunately, there seems to be a minority in our community who are anti-art and rather than just view it and walk away they have chosen to damage it. It was very well secured with brackets and screws and it would have taken quite a few people to knock down," he said.

The incident has been reported to the police.

The show must go on and the artist set to work recreating the sculpture on Monday morning. Laycock estimated it would take two or three hours to reconstruct the damaged work.

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