Do not count

A March 6 ABC report reveals the government delayed the publication of the Making Children Safer report arising out of the Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission. The government excuse is that they wanted to publish the report together with the safeguarding framework and general action plan.

The report was finished seven months before publication that revealed half the reports of abuse did not received an adequate response.

The government appears to reflecting the complicit behaviour of Church authorities to child abuse. Hide abuse allegations (242) as long as it can, hide evidence of its inaction, make promises that it does not live up to and essentially do nothing.

As usual for this government, it denies all responsibility and does not apologise for its blatant lack of its duty of care to the abused children.

None of this meeting the PM's promise (Australian, Sept 17, 2016) when he said "I will not let you down" to child abuse victims. It seems that extremely vulnerable children held in detention, do not count in that promise.

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