A great disservice

Robin Stewart 's letter 'Unsightly towers' (Opinions, March 7) published just after climate scientists' warning that climate change is speeding up amazes me.

Intentionally or not he is lining up with the Federal Coalition Government and the fossil fuel lobby in undermining a key strategy to deal with the climate crisis through increasing the number of renewable options.

The dishonesty injected into the debate by those seeking to halt the switch to renewables does our country a great disservice.

All over Australia communities are befitting from renewable energy. The people of Daylesford just marked a major milestone in achieving cheaper cleaner energy.

Just as these majestic and elegant towers are popping up along Victoria's limestone coast, I wish other parts of central Victorian could have a way of getting on board with wind in as big a way.

In the meantime all we can do is encourage rooftop solar as well as changing our houses and businesses to save energy. The ongoing spike in the cost of gas is, I expect, posing a further incentive as the energy market, through its relentless cheap export of gas, appears to have destroyed any chance of it providing base-load power for Australian homes and businesses well into the future.

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