Local birth, happy family

Laura, Lucas and baby Maverick.

Laura, Lucas and baby Maverick.

Dr Mark Farrugia and midwife Catherine.

Dr Mark Farrugia and midwife Catherine.

Many people move here to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, and to connect as part of a community.

When Mount Macedon couple Lucas and Laura travelled to a big city hospital for their first pregnancy appointment, the chaos and impersonal experience left them shaken and unsettled.

A Facebook post about childbirth education classes at Kyneton District Health gave them hope that there was a better option.

So, later in Laura's pregnancy they both attended the sessions, run over two nights by midwife Lisa. After the classes these parents-to-be knew that a local birth at Kyneton Hospital was the right choice for their first baby.

"Straight away we had a really good feeling about the whole place," Laura says.

"It was calm and personal, and they were interested in us.

"Lisa explained all about low-risk birth and options for managing labour.

"That gave us the information and confidence we needed to decide for ourselves.

"We were reassured that KDH could cope with an emergency if we needed it."

The majority of births in Victoria are 'low-risk'. It's a category defined by a statewide capability framework developed by medical experts.

The team of GP obstetricians and midwives at KDH relies on the safety focus provided by the framework. It sets out clear guidelines for women to access the appropriate care across each pregnancy.

It's at the regular antenatal checks where the KDH team monitors progress to ensure that the pregnancy remains low-risk and suitable for birth at Kyneton hospital.

If something comes up that requires a higher level of care then the team uses its connections to link the woman to a tertiary hospital with specialist services. Sometimes a patient will return to the KDH maternity suite after a city birth to recuperate close to home in a quiet setting.

After baby Maverick's safe arrival at KDH, Laura and Lucas stayed three nights in the hospital's maternity suite. It's a private place to recover and bond before heading home.

Laura found her one-to-one debrief with the midwife really helpful, as well as the lactation, feeding advice and personal care connection that continued into home visits.

The trio have since settled happily into the routine of family life, and return to their regular GP clinic in New Gisborne for day-to-day medical advice.

Couples expecting a baby can discover for themselves what Kyneton Hospital has to offer.

The next childbirth education classes are scheduled for March 20 and 27, 7-9pm. It's not necessary to obtain a GP referral. Just call 5422 9900 to book.

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