Just the beginning

What great news that Hanging Rock has been 'saved', and that council has seen the benefits of accepting the offer of financial assistance from the State government for ongoing maintenance and improvement works at the Rock.

We now need to see the frequently alluded to - but not enacted - community consultation start to take place. There should be an unfolding process whereby council, in consultation with the community, sets up the appropriate bodies and mechanisms to ensure that the Rock is safeguarded forever.

Foremost among these is for council to support the acceptance by the Victorian Heritage Registry of the nomination of the Rock by Hanging Rock Action Group to the Heritage Register, and further, to argue for the inclusion of the East Paddock in the overall package.

It is also imperative that council quickly establishes a properly constituted Committee of Management for the Rock, along with a truly representative and independent Advisory Committee. These have not existed (except in name) for 20 years, but if they had, council might not have found itself in such a desperate and embarrassing mess over the proposed resort development.There is much work to be done, as this is only the beginning. Securing certainty for the Rock so that this threat can never arise again is

paramount - Saint Amanda of Woodend may not be here if there is a next time.