At a cost

The Hanging Rock debate and angst continues unabated in the local papers and on social media despite council's unanimous decision in February to undertake a full consultation process with the local community.

We all want to 'Save the Rock' and as with everything in life - it has a cost.

Whether the solution is a proposed private investment concept plan or an increase in our council rates or other alternatives, these decisions are not taken lightly.

I'm certain that all have now seen the state of disrepair of the tennis courts, the Hanging Rock Racing Club, the 80-year-old barbecues, dilapidated picnic tables, inadequate public conveniences and other facilities in urgent need of upgrade.

Additionally, the ongoing eradication programs required for weed and pest control is to the benefit of all current and future user groups.

To maintain any asset, let alone improve it due to increasing demands, is not dissimilar to managing a growing family's budget.

Supplying necessary daily needs and services is a challenge in itself considering the increase in costs of living, but ongoing maintenance and planning for the future are far greater ones.

I like most value The Rock, its sustainability is the key issue for the present but more importantly for future generations.

To do nothing for this treasured icon is unacceptable!