Outrageous and scandalous

I believe that the Hanging Rock Development Advisory Committee is in favour of plundering the Rock's financial reserves to pay the costs (estimated at $25,000 to $50,000) of the newly proposed 'education' and 'consultation' phases of this expensive and ridiculously prolonged process to impose on the Rock an unnecessary and unwanted complex of buildings and associated infrastructure.

We have previously been told - most notably in a 7.30 Report for the classics - that the Rock constantly runs at a loss, but here we are: the Tooth Fairy must have visited, because suddenly there appears to be plenty of money to pay for this council's latest momentous bungle. This will be an outrageous and scandalous waste (no matter where the money comes from), as council has not relinquished its commitment to the secret masterplan, whose evolution the community had no say in whatsoever. We were told that consultation then would have been 'hollow consultation', but they want us to believe now that this proposed future consultation will be meaningful. 

While this process drags on for another nine months or more, they have left the door open for tenders to be lodged for the construction and operation of this tourist complex. It doesn't make any sense at all to be running a lengthy consultation process and seeking tenders at the same time...unless the consultation is a sham. Or genuinely hollow.