They, educate us?

I nearly choked on my Weet-Bix when I saw your headline 'Education' on Rock, thinking at first that at last our council was going to apply itself to learning about Hanging Rock.

Imagine my incredulity when I read further, and found that they were going to educate us! With what? Even more misinformation than they have circulated so far?

I then read that they were seeking to develop a Hanging Rock Reserve Precinct Plan, but no-one seems to know what that means.

Finally, I note that they are going to seek public comment on this plan, and on the Hanging Rock Investment Plan. There is no such document, or are they intending to do yet another plan - or do they mean the Hanging Rock Reserve Development and

Investment Plan? (The plan which our community has paid richly for, despite having no input into it, and which council doggedly refuses to release.)

Whatever the answers to these questions are, I believe this is just another smoke and mirrors trick by this council. The original motion of August 28, 2013 still stands, where council resolved to seek private funding for the project developed by their consultants, and endorsed the Master Plan contained in the report.

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