I'm an insulted resident!

I believe Mayor Jukes managed to insult residents with his comment to reporter, Rachel Carbonell on ABC AM radio on Wednesday, March 5. 

When asked about revenue and visitation figures at Hanging Rock, he said: "Certainly you have to take them (the figures) in context and what they represent. And it takes a bit of a look. You know, I have been a councillor for six years now so I understand what to look for and to ask a member of the community to come in and read a report and understand it straight up is a big ask". 

Pardon?!! The big ask is getting council to correct what I see are the many mistakes in their information bulletins, documents and media statements - which we residents have pointed out, which they steadfastly refuse to do. 

Hilary Roberts for example, with a career in finance, has forensically corrected in many letters to this paper the council claims about visitation numbers, revenue and forecasts; there is even more on fact check at

Hanging Rock Action Group is certainly fulfilling its second and third aims to 'distil the real issues and facts of the proposed development' and 'raise community awareness of the issues'. Why is this not happening via our shire council? 

HRAG's main aim though, to have council undertake its Community Consultation Framework, is falling on deaf ears. 

One wonders if council thinks we will just give up if they continue refusing to answer questions and block requests for documents (necessitating HRAG to make Freedom of Information applications). 

The truth is it only strengthens resolve and community outrage - and by the way Mayor Jukes, we community members are really good at understanding reports.

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