Represent us

When is our council going to abide by its own rules? There must surely be a good reason why the consultation strategy was originally adopted.

Perhaps it was to be responsive to the rate payers the council is supposed to represent, or have the rules of democracy changed in this shire?

In other places around the world we see the dire consequences of autocracy. Surely we, the people of the Macedon Ranges Shire, do not have to resort to such extremes to gain the right to be consulted about changes to the way we live in our region.

Yes, Mr Mayor and Mr CEO, this behaviour starts at the top.

Lack of consultation over development at Hanging Rock is a major example, among others, of the lack of consideration of rate payer's views. Do you, who are the employees and/or representatives of the rate payers of this shire, really believe that all knowledge and expertise lies solely with you? That no-one within the communities you serve has any right or enough intelligence to hold opinions that may be of value?

It's time to take a long, hard look at yourselves and renew your contract of partnership with we, the people, whom your serve and represent!

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