Non-accountable attitude

Macedon Ranges Shire Council's executive and directors need to explain their actions on matters which are creating community angst in the following areas:

- Gisborne - Daly Reserve; indoor sports stadium; approved ODP for New Gisborne precinct contrary to DEPI (DSE) requirements under C67 part A; footpath for Jacksons Creek South a broken written promise of 2008 to fulfil planning permit requirement of 1991, 19+ years of waiting.

- Riddells Creek - shopping complex

- Romsey - category two road accesses approved for second petrol station, breaching state/federal rules and regulations for transport of dangerous goods.

- Woodend - Hanging Rock

- Mount Macedon - non-descriptive penalties applied contrary to Planning and Environment Act of 1987, Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act of 1988, Water Act 1989 - SECT 7(A) for illegal activities covered by the above acts in 2012 and 2013 at Macedon Lodge. 

The antics of council's executive and directors can only be described as an ongoing saga with endemic defalcation of public open space across the shire, environmental vandalism at the highest level with a non-accountable attitude towards ratepayers and residents.

Furthermore, fallacious financial statements regarding Hanging Rock were revealed by the 7.30 Report in 2013. 

The shire CEO stated, via letter to the editor, that he was misrepresented by the ABC, a full transcript released by the ABC proved otherwise. 

A concocted budget report has that many holes in it, it's a bit like trying to plug an ever-increasing torrent of water from a leaking dyke.

In conclusion, why did Macedon Ranges Shire logo dramatically alter without community consultation and at what cost? A true figure will never be known due to aforementioned dyked budget. However, one can see the visual correlation between it and the current governance of council.

Please explain yourselves.