Caught contradicting

Regarding Macedon Ranges Shire Council CEO, Peter Johnston's letter, 'Incorrect view' (November 5, 2013).

Mr Johnston, where is your integrity? Victoria 7.30's edition of your interview did not distort what you said. I read the transcript of the interview and you have egg on your chin because you were caught on tv contradicting yourself.

Regarding the ridiculous development of Hanging Rock, it may be true that 'it was the decision of elected councillor representatives to pursue this path as the only suitable option,' but didn't the councillors make their decision (in a very close vote - 5/4) based on an officer's report and 'rubbery figures'?

Were they informed that The Rock was running at a loss like the rest of us were, when in fact The Rock has made a surplus in nine out of the last 10 years? If I had been told and believed that the figures fluctuate between 100k loss or profit each year, I may have had a different opinion on the development but now we know that this is not the case so why are we considering the development?Oh my apologies - you already answered that at the Ordinary Council Meeting in October, when you stated an extra $300,000 was needed to update the ticket machine at the front of the park. Your response was so ridiculous, it made everyone laugh. MRSC meetings are better than the Comedy Club! (I noticed in the minutes, it was yet another response that was recorded inaccurately.) I believe you owe Ms Pruneau an apology. She is correct. The council 'has not been honest and transparent' and that was evident in your interview!I agree with Christine, we need a CEO who is concerned with evidence and one that does not deliberately mislead the community!