Some simple facts

The Hanging Rock Reserve (HRR) proposal revolves around some simple facts. HRR has made a small profit in most years. HRR spends about $320,000 per annum and has capital reserves at June 30, 2013 of $323,352.

A list of capital works/major maintenance items has been prepared totalling $8.5 million (still to have detailed costings made available) which cannot be funded by current HRR revenues.

Any funding from government is expected to be conditional on private development being secured. MRSC states that in order for the proposed private development to proceed, the $8.5 million needs to be spent up front. There is no reference to this $8.5 million works program in the

2011 Hanging Rock Business Plan


The proposed development at HRR preferred by council is estimated to provide an extra $300,000 per annum to support ongoing works and staffing (all still unspecified).

The development anticipates earning $3.7 million per annum operating profit against which a lease fee of five per cent will be charged, generating $185,000 per annum (no profit, no income?). Extra revenue from increased patronage etc. will be a further $115,000 per annum.

The $4.3 million Essential Infrastructure Project, announced in July, is aimed at improving facilities and utilities in the East Paddock to facilitate concerts and other events. This project is fully funded by Regional Development Victoria, Macedon Ranges Shire Council, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and the racing club and is proceeding as planned. Only a minor positive impact on revenue or cost reduction is expected.

No revenue from concerts has been factored into the development plan. Details of the actual revenue from concerts are commercial in confidence.

Why does council suddenly need $8.5 million for HRR improvements?

What is the extra $300,000 per annum needed for?

What is the extra revenue from concerts to be spent on?Why does council refuse to provide detail on any of these numbers?Does lack of consultation mean they have something to hide?Make up your own mind whether these numbers add up!