Like mushrooms

Council treats us like mushrooms!

Even after weeks of persistent questioning, the Macedon Ranges Shire Council is still totally silent about why they think Hanging Rock suddenly needs an extra $300,000 per annum, ad infinitum.

It seems that in recent years, Hanging Rock has spent about $350,000 to $400,000 per annum on operating costs and infrastructure work

Now, suddenly without any warning or consultation, at the end of August the council effectively announced that they need to spend an extra $300,000 per annum on unspecified works and therefore they need to undertake a major development project on the very site which they are supposed to be protecting for us and future generations.

Hanging Rock is a sensitive ecosystem which should not be the subject of unnecessary buildings and human intrusions.

Where is the justification for all this additional spending? The only answers forthcoming are along the lines of ..."we need to cover costs of upgraded facilities and infrastructure". This is not good enough. We deserve to be treated with more respect than this.Why won't the council specify the detail underlying the need for an extra $300,000 per annum? Why is it such a secret? In the absence of any specific information, one is forced into speculation. What have they got to hide? Surely someone did some analysis or costings to justify the extra $300,000 per annum. Or is it just a thought bubble that someone had? Or is there someone waiting in the sidelines with a readymade plan for a conference centre and hotel etc. at Hanging Rock?So much for transparency and consultation. It is a disgrace to treat our community like mushrooms and council should be ashamed of this overt refusal to tell the community why it needs the money to undertake a development which threatens the integrity of our iconic Rock.