Lazy Rock shock

For me, the front page of the Midland Express last week ('Hanging in the balance', October 1, 2013) was one of the best pieces of journalistic reporting this year.

Ms Kitchen has done a wonderful job in uncovering the root cause behind MRSC's ingenious expansion plans for our shire and our CEO's almost dictatorial ownership of the Loddon Mallee Growth Plan.

I now concede that we should actually congratulate the enlightened decisions of our MRSC executives and councillors. I was appalled to learn that, revenue wise, Hanging Rock is currently financially unviable. Walt Disney would not put up with an attraction that didn't provide a revenue positive contribution, why should we? I for one am unhappy that my rates are going to pay for Hanging Rock's upkeep. If that useless piece of granite can't pay for itself, let's get rid of it.

What about those stupid Organ Pipes back down the Calder Highway? What the heck did they ever do for anyone? And do not get me started on that other ridiculous rock, the big red one smack in the middle of our great country. Imagine how many attractive driveways could be laid down if we crushed that stupid rock.

Do NOT get me started on that utterly useless Reef that sits off Queensland, causing a Barrier to shipping, and actually having the audacity to scrape the hulls of ships just going about their business.

I say let's rent the top of Hanging Rock for a big flashing neon sign that can be seen from the Calder Highway. Wait.. no, we'll make more money if it can be seen from Melbourne CBD. Let's knock off the Mt Macedon Cross and throw up a neon beer ad there, we'll make a fortune for the shire!

Seriously? Are we for real? Does MRSC feel that because Hanging Rock is not making money, we have to sell what is arguably one of Australia's top five most famous natural icons.

I don't know what else to say except that, yet again, a clearly identified self-serving MRSC executive and our self-centred MRSC councillors (not all but most) have their own extremely short-sighted agendas in place.Peter Johnston, here's a word you should look up some day: Consultation.It is so overdue that this MRSC executive and council be legislatively investigated, because I am sick of hearing about how many residents are sick and tired of this rubbish.

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