Off the rails

The latest Macedon Ranges Council attack on Hanging Rock is outrageous. A shire council should not be venturing into private enterprise to cover its costs. Both councillors and officers need to rein in their extravagant plans and live within their means. If Hanging Rock is not covering its costs, cuts need to be made to other parts of the budget, for example cuts to the exploding Council bureacracy. Eating up recreation land around the shire to fund things is not the answer. Now we hear that the old Kyneton pool is a contaminated site and council proposes to sell yet more recreational land to fund the cleanup. Council cannot have it both ways. They allow developers to squeeze houses onto smaller sites where there is no room for a single tree and at the same time they regard the developer contribution of recreational space as 'surplus land' to be sold off as needed to balance the books. Council has run off the rails and needs investigating.